24 Hours with the Planning Team

Ever wondered what it’s like working in Planning at Sheldon Bosley Knight? This is what our Planning team worked on across one 24 hour period at Head Office.

Wednesday, 3:36pm
Application ref: 19/00311/FUL Two Storey Side Extension, Halford

A proposal was received to erect a two storey side extension and porch to the front of the property, with internal reconfiguration of the dwelling to provide additional living accommodation and storage space. The proposed extension is set back from the public highway so won’t harm the character of the street. It will be constructed from facing brick, with a plain clay tile roof to match the existing dwelling in keeping with the town’s character. As there were no objections from Statutory Consultees or neighbours, the application was granted a week earlier than expected.

Wednesday, 5:15pm
Application ref: 19/00171/F Vets Building, Swalcliffe

The next application was for a new building, relocating an existing veterinary practice from the village to an equestrian park. The aim was to diversify the existing business by providing facilities for the equine-only vet team. The Case Officer agreed that the equine practice would fit in with the onsite farrier and arena, and utilisation of these should encourage growth for all businesses involved. Due to the location within the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Landscape Impact Assessment was required to ensure the proposal wouldn’t have an adverse impact on its surroundings. We worked with the Landscape Officer to make minor amendments, including the insertion of bat and bird boxes on the gable ends. A Transport Assessment was also undertaken to demonstrate that relocating from the village would reduce traffic disruption from slow moving horse transport vehicles.

Thursday, 12:14pm
Application ref: APP/J3720/W/18/3215104 Appeal against Class Q Refusal, Pillerton Priors

This Class Q Prior Approval application, for the change of use from an agricultural building to a residential dwelling, was refused in September 2018. The council claimed the farm was not a solely agricultural unit because of equine buildings onsite, and that it was too close to livestock buildings still in use. Our appeal used amended plans, Statutory Declarations and letters of support from tenants to prove to the Planning Inspector that the equine buildings were let on a separate tenancy as a completely distinct unit. Evidence was also provided to demonstrate that attaching an agricultural-tie to the property would alleviate concerns about the proximity of livestock buildings. A suitably worded condition could also be attached in perpetuity through the Prior Approval process.

Project Director Natasha, said, “This was a unique situation that we had not come across before so I had to research case law to decide the best route forward. I’m so pleased that the Inspector agreed with our argument and our client received permission.”

Thursday, 2:38pm
Application ref: 19/00148/FUL Agricultural Track and the Replacement and Reorientation of an Agricultural Building

This application was for a modern agricultural building to replace an old steel unit in a state of disrepair, and to create a new track on the opposite side of the field. Vehicle tracking was produced to illustrate that the track would be wide enough for agricultural vehicles to use. The Highways Officer was presented these plans and agreed that adequate turning space was provided. There were no objections from Statutory Consultees to the replacement and reorientation of the agricultural building, so the application was approved by the Case Officer four weeks early.