A very happy client!

We asked our client for a testimonial but didn’t expect him to send us such a comprehensive and glowing report!  So we just had to share it…




To whom it may concern,


I have used the various services that Sheldon Bosley provide for over forty years. As a farmer I have gradually found it increasingly onerous and time –consuming to deal with the plethora of paperwork produced by the agricultural directorate in Brussels and its UK implementing agent DEFRA. I have therefore contracted this work out to Sheldon Bosley for the last eight years or so.

My point of contact with Sheldon Bosley  for the last five years has  been Laura Gaydon; I cannot speak highly enough of the service she has given me. She has been meticulously accurate in completing my Single Payment Scheme (now the Basic Payment Scheme) forms, always in good time and in good order, which is great relief for me; in spite of the maddening complexity of the paperwork we have never had forms returned or rejected. Laura has also been responsible for ensuring that my Higher Level Stewardship commitments are properly met and reminding me of, and helping me with, the other  form-filling obligations the our masters in Brussels impose on us.

Beyond all this Laura and Sheldon Bosley were responsible for drawing up the plans and application forms for a new grain store which was completed in the summer of 2014.

On a personal note it is a pleasure to work with Laura; she is efficient without being remotely bossy and has the invaluable gift of correcting my errors without a hint of reproach. I have no hesitation in warmly recommending Laura and by the same token Sheldon Bosley; throughout our long association with I have always found them courteous and efficient and I look forward to maintaining this happy relationship in the future.

Lord Willoughby de Broke