An Evening with Brian Blessed and Max Hastings

Max Hastings - The Secret WarSheldon Bosley and their guests spent a fascinating and somewhat diverse evening at the Stratford Literary Festival on Thursday.

Firstly, the highly respected military historian, Max Hastings, talked about his new book The Secret War, Spies, Codes and Guerillas.  He regaled the audience with tales of eccentric professors and a number of somewhat inept secret agents whilst also giving a fascinating insight into the complexities of global intelligence during WW2.  Following a relaxing drink at the bar in the Stratford Artshouse, the second author to speak was completely different though equally enjoyable.

Brian Blessed in Stratford upon AvonTo a packed room, Brian Blessed, the actor, film star, coffin maker, wrestler, explorer, mountaineer and would-be space traveller treated the audience to a unique and highly entertaining account of his extraordinary life frequently interspersed with shouts of ‘Gordon’s Alive’!  As well as his ribald stories and an operatic turn he showed his more reflective side too and, to the disappointment of those in the room who could have continued listening for hours, he eventually concluded the evening with the philosophy by which he says he has always lived, ‘the greatest danger in life is not taking the adventure’.

Stratford Literary Festival Autumn 2015Sheldon Bosley are delighted to be associated with the Stratford upon Avon Literary Festival, which continues to go from strength to strength.  The Autumn Plus Programme featured a string of entertaining events for all ages and we are very fortunate to have a festival of this high standard, right on our doorstep.

Brian Blessed Signing Autographs