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Be prepared for snow

With weather forecasters already predicting another severe winter, we look at ways in which your farming business can prepare for the severe weather, and identify any risks:

Access to Livestock

  1. With remote areas at risk of being cut off by heavy snow fall or flooding, identify safer areas to locate stock in the event of a bad forecast.
  2. Prepare contingencies to clear snow with machinery or local equipment sharing.
  3. Ensure stocks of salt and grit are sufficient to keep vital access points clear.

Flooding sheep

Feed and Bedding

  1. Ensure you have adequate feed supplies in stock, or considered how you will maintain stocks during severe weather and possible transport disruption.
  2. Consider keeping feed stocks in strategic locations for outlying land.
  3. Keep sufficient stocks of bedding, with as much straw under cover.

Machinery and Power

  1. Keep all machinery servicing up to date, including feeding machinery.
  2. Make plans for a backup feeding system.
  3. Protect tractor fuel from frost or snow protection.
  4. Keep adequate stocks of fuel oil and heating oil – do you have sufficient storage capacity?
  5. Make plans for emergency fuel stocks if bad weather is forecast.
  6. Locate and service generators in preparation for emergencies.

Livestock Housing

  1. Identify alternative or additional housing options to house stock in severe weather.
  2. Identify buildings which may be vulnerable from heavy snow fall or storms – beware of roof collapse if deep snow falls on farm buildings.
  3. If clearing snow from buildings, beware of the danger of creating unequal loading of the roof structure and risks of collapse.
  4. Prevent water supplies from freezing.
  5. Plan arrangements for alternative water sources, such as water bowsers.


  1. Empty slurry stores in preparation for winter and ensure sufficient storage capacity is on the farm.
  2. Prevent all surface water or rainwater from entering slurry tanks or stores.

Plan Ahead

  1. Review your insurance and ensure adequate cover is in place for severe weather or storm damage.
  2. Plan with your neighbouring farmers – share snow clearing machinery or spare empty buildings.
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Sheldon Bosley Sponsors Stratford Literary Festival

An Evening with Dan Snow at the Stratford Literary Fesitival

If you listen to Dan Snow, the history guy off the telly, for even a short time it is clear to most of us that there is an awful lot we don’t know about what makes us, and indeed many other nations, the people we are.  Sheldon Bosley were delighted to sponsor the Stratford Literary Festival event on evening of 13th November where Dan spoke to an audience of about 150 for a couple of hours and during that time we learned a great deal including interesting asides about his TV career, family life and an amazing array of historical world events.  He is a man passionate about his subject and his ability to communicate this enthusiasm to the audience is a gift, no doubt in part learned from his father, Peter – there was definitely something familiar about the arm waving.

Pictured with him is Suzanne James, Partner at Sheldon Bosley

Dan Snow at the Stratford Literary Festival with Sue James of Sheldon Bosley
Dan Snow at the Stratford Literary Festival with Suzanne James of Sheldon Bosley


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Matthew Payne – Gains full qualifications

Matt Payne has now become a full member of the RICS

The Partners at Sheldon Bosley are delighted to announce that after a lengthy and extremely rigorous training and examination programme, Matthew Payne has been recently accepted as a full member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, specialising in Residential Surveys and Valuations.

Simon Wilkinson, the Partner in charge of the Survey and Valuation Department has welcomed Matthew enthusiastically, saying that “Matthew is a very valuable asset to the team, applying his natural eye for detail and methodical approach to provide a first class service.”

New RICS Member
New RICS Member

Buying a New Home……..

The purchase of a new home is likely to be the most expensive investment you will ever make, and yet many people give less consideration to condition than they would for a used car. Indicative figures published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors suggest that only 1 in 5 of us will have any form of independent home survey carried out prior to purchasing property, and yet the average cost of remedying unexpected defects approaches on average £6,000. When buying a home, clearly money is always tight, however a home survey conducted by an RICS member offers peace of mind, and the relevant information with which to negotiate the fairest deal.

Let us help

So if you are considering purchasing property, or want to ensure that yours is in the best possible condition prior to sale, Simon and Matthew are ideally placed to advise you. For more details please contact 01789 292310 /

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Sheldon Bosley Sponsors Shipston on Stour Rugby Club

50th Anniversary Sponsorship
50th Anniversary Sponsorship

50th Anniversary of Shipston Rugby Club

Sheldon Bosley have extended their existing long-standing sponsorship with Shipston on Stour Rugby Club Mini and Junior Section to the Shipston on Stour First Team.  We are very proud to have the opportunity to sponsor the First Team shirts and support the Team and Club in this, their 50th anniversary year.  Sheldon Bosley have been associated with the Club for many years, with former Partner Bob Sandland being a playing member and, in latter years, Partners Sam Russell and James Walton also taking the field and representing the local Club.

 Supporting Local Teams

Sheldon Bosley find it important to support local Teams and help them in the opportunity of continuing for the future.  We very much enjoy having the opportunity to support the boys and to watch their progression on the field and enjoy their hospitality off it.