Dont be caught out by Agricultural Waste Exemptions

Agricultural Waste Exemptions

Many agricultural waste activities that commonly take place on your farm will need to be registered as an Agricultural Waste Exemption with the Environment Agency.  Any exceptions registered before the 6th April 2010 will have expired on the 30th September 2013, and some old exemptions have been replaced by a new list of exempt waste activities.

Some common activities which require a waste exemption include:

  • A bonfire of wood or vegetation waste on the farm it was produced
  • Clearing silt from a stream, ditch or other inland water
  • Composting hedge trimmings, crop waste, horse or farmyard manure
  • Washing of spray containers
  • Strimming areas of ground such as river banks
  • Adding waste chalk to soil as a liming agent to improve soils
  • Spreading ditch dredging spoil on land to provide nutrients
  • Using telegraph poles for pole barns
  • Using tyres on a silage clamp
  • Using shredded rubber in a horse manège
  • Using rubble from a demolished farm building in the foundations of a new barn
  • Using woodchip as surfacing for a path

If you are concerned that you are undertaking activities which require a Waste Exemption, please contact our Land Agency Department on 01608 661666.