Green Deal Update

Update for Green Deal Loans

Green Deal

Designed by the Government to improve the Energy Efficiency of the poor performing houses, The Green Deal has now given rise to reform.  A further £150m a year is being released from 2014 for the next 3 years.  This money will be targeted towards the following:-

  • A Stamp Duty Rebate worth at least £1,000 and up to £4,000 for any who have recently moved house.  It is expected that 180,000 homes will be improved under this part of the scheme.
  • Further targeted investment within the Private Rented Sector is intended and designed to help Landlords to meet the standard E Rating for EPC (Energy Performance Certificate).   Those seeking to rent from April 2018 will need to ensure they meet this standard in any event.
  • £90m of the overall £540m package will help improve the energy efficiency of public sector buildings, including Schools and Hospitals.