Identity Assurance Scheme

identity profile set up identity assurance scheme The new identity assurance scheme is coming into play this autumn and is essential for anyone proposing to claim any agricultural subsidy, including the new Basic Payment Scheme. This new system creates a secure way for individuals to sign into all government services, so not only the new Basic Payment Scheme but also for paying car tax for example. This will replace the current Government Gateway – and SPS Online.

Registration begins with the creation of an “identity profile” through an identity authorising company, such as Experian, Verizon or the Post Office. After being asked a series of questions proving your identity with forms of identification (e.g. passport, driving license or utility bills) you will be provided with an “identity profile”. This profile may be accessed by using a chosen username and password. One of the major changes likely to be introduced is the unique log in number which will be sent to your mobile phone. Every time you wish to log in via this service you will receive another unique log in code via your mobile. It is unclear at present what will happen to users who do not have a mobile phone, can you nominate someone? Will it be sent to a landline and read out over the phone? These are some of the questions that still have to be answered before the scheme can become live.

photo driving licence for identity registration basic payment schemeHaving registering as an individual, you will be able to link this to your farming business, and subsequently authorise an Agent.  This new system adds further complication and challenge to the transition to the forthcoming Basic Payment Scheme, particularly for farmers with little internet access or no computer.

Help will be available for those who are not ‘digital’, and Sheldon Bosley are ready to assist any landowners who would like support through this registration process.