Buyers want to live near a vibrant high street

A vibrant high street is still important when choosing where to live.
A survey from mortgage lender Market Finance Solutions found despite its decline over recent years, 46% of potential home buyers said a great local high street was important.
Just over a quarter (27%) said they would pay a premium, whether renting or buying, to live near a good one.
The survey of 2,000 people also found almost a fifth (19%) admitted the decline of their local high street over the course of the Covid pandemic had prompted them to move or start looking for a new home.
And there is good news for independent shops and businesses as 50% of those questioned said they prefer indies to chains and 71% said the government needs to do more to support local high streets and the businesses within them across the country.
Sheldon Bosley Knight’s business development manager Nik Kyriacou said: “In an age where internet shopping has become the norm, accelerated in part as a result of the pandemic, it is heartening to see there is still love for our high streets.
“We are lucky in that the regions we cover have town centres which are doing well. However, in our experience, it’s not just the health of the high street which can turn buyers on or off.
“Connectivity, green spaces and good schools all play their part in attracting buyers or investors.
“If you would like advice on the best place to live for your circumstance, please get in touch with one of our teams. They are knowledgeable about both the market and  the local area and offer invaluable, practical help and support.”