Planning Case Study – Extension and Replacement Garage

Extension and Replacement Garage Case Study - Lower QuintonOur client wanted to provide some additional accommodation for their family and was applying for permission to build a two storey rear extension and a replacement garage on their property located on Main Street, Lower Quinton.


The extension was designed to be in keeping with the materials and style of the area and allowed for the reconfiguration of the internal layout of the dwelling, which was more suitable for the growing family. The garage provided additional storage for the property.


WCC Ecology requested bat and nesting bird informatives to ensure that there were no species present in the garage when it was demolished.

There were four neighbourhood objections including one neighbour disputing the ownership of the land. It was pointed out that this was not a planning concern. However a copy of the deeds to demonstrate that the land was owned by the applicant was provided.

Notice was also served under Article 11 on the adjoining property. This settled any further concerns the Planning Officer had over the application.


There were no Statutory Consultees objections to the application and planning permission was subsequently granted by the Case Officer on the 4th of August 2016.

The Planning Specialist was Peter Leamy.

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