Planning Case Study – New Build

Planning Permission Case Study - Walton, WarwickshireThis was a complicated Planning Application that had to be taken one step at a time to reach the goal that was presented to us.


The bespoke dwelling was required by our client who also owns the house and redundant agricultural buildings in close proximity.

A Planning Consent was gained for the demolition of two cottages and the lifting of one residential curtilage and placing on to one of the agricultural buildings to form one dwelling. The second dwelling curtilage was retained on the existing site of the two cottages and the bespoke dwelling was granted as a replacement dwelling.

A second Planning Application was then submitted for the re-design of this dwelling to change the vernacular to something that was more in keeping and which also included a timber framed double carport and store.


The challenges that this particular project presented were firstly the lifting of two residential curtilages and placing one of those curtilages on a separate site to gain our first application and then the subsequent second application was to detach the previous application that was tied to the now granted barn conversion to make one standalone Planning Application for one site for one dwelling. This was a complicated process, but ultimately was successful.

The site also had a natural spring within it which we needed to ensure was diverted around our site and did not cause any further damage than it had previously to the two existing dwellings to our new bespoke dwelling; with the help from the contractor, this was achievable.


The applications were granted and the Planning Department were happy with the splitting of the original Planning Consent to form two separate Planning Consents and the bespoke dwelling that was delivered has now enhanced the site and sits well in its surroundings, achieving a family home which is economical to run and will be sustainable for the future.

The Planning Specialist was Sam Russell MFPWS MCIAT ARICS and the Chartered Technician was Panya Chaonsri.

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