Planning – New Rules

Change of Use

A huge window of opportunity opens for owners of rural buildings and office with changes of use allowed on permitted development.

The new rules introduced by the Government are due to come into effect from 30th May 2013.  The main changes are as follows:

  • Offices (Use Class B1) may be changed to Dwellings
  • Agricultural Buildings under 500m2 can be changed to a variety of other uses including Shops, Restaurants, Business, Storage and even Hotels.

For both there are criteria for property owners to satisfy, not least, that the existing uses must have been well established.  Prior approval is needed from the Local Authority for transport and highways, land contamination and flood risk issues.


 An Extension to a dwelling is also permitted provided that it is:

  • Single Storey
  • Less than 4 metres high
  • Less than 8 metres long for detached houses (6m for others)

Neighbours and Local Authorities have to be notified.

For further information contact –

Sam Russell on 01608 661666 or email