Planning Success – Inspectorate Approval of an Appeal Against Refusal

On the 15th of August 2019 the Planning & Architecture Department at Sheldon Bosley Knight received Planning Inspectorate approval of an appeal against Stratford on Avon District Council’s refusal of a Householder Application.

The application for rear single storey and side pitched roof extensions to a dwelling in the Conservation Area was initially refused by the Stratford Planning Committee against the recommendations of two Case Officers and the Conservation Officer on reasons of overbearing and visual impacts on the neighbouring listed dwelling.

Although the committee accepted that the single storey extension and other minor alterations were acceptable, members disagreed on the impact of the pitched roof extension and refused the proposed scheme in its entirety.

In our Appeal Representations we were able to convincingly argue that the proposed pitch roof addition to the existing side extension would not result in a greater overbearing impact in terms of overshadowing and loss of light than the existing protrusion.

Supported by the Case Officer and Conservation Officer reports and recommendations that the character and appearance of the proposed development would preserve and enhance the Conservation Area, we maintained that the pitched roof extension would not compromise the amenity of the neighbours.

Sectional drawings of the existing and proposed elevations were produced to reinforce our claim.

The Inspector concluded that the pitched roof extension would not adversely impact the amenity of the neighbouring property and the proposed alterations and additions would not appear overly dominant or intrusive and allowed the appeal.

The Town Planner for this case was Natasha Blackmore da Silva and the Architectural Technician was Nadia Amietszajew.

Town Planner - Natasha Blackmore da Silva and Architectural Technician - Nadia Amietszajew.

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