Garden offices top of buyers’ wish lists

Garden offices are top of buyers’ wish lists according to a new survey.
Research carried out by Rightmove showed the number of property listings mentioning them is up a whopping 1,046% – 11 times higher than a decade ago.
The analysis by the national property portal is based on the number of agents advertising them as key selling points.
Garden offices received a major boost during the pandemic when more people started working from home.
Second on the list are bi-fold doors, increasing by a massive 589% compared with 10 years ago followed by orangeries, up 173%, underfloor heating, up 114% and summer houses, up 90%.
Those features falling out of favour include greenhouses, walk in wardrobes, conservatories and separate dining rooms as buyers favour open plan living.
Electric car charging points are also becoming more popular as concerns about the environment grow and the analysis points to a slow but growing trend for other eco features such as underfloor heating.
Sheldon Bosley Knight sales manager Millie Gardner said: “We have certainly found home offices, whether it’s an extra room in the house or conversion of a garden room, to be very near or at the top of buyers’ wish lists at the moment.
“Ever since the pandemic, peoples’ work patterns have changed meaning a necessity for many to have a space either in the home or outside in which they can work.
“Separate dining rooms have been falling out of favour for a long time as buyers have favoured a more open plan living, so the fact these are not high on the list is not a surprise or anything new.
“We at Sheldon Bosley Knight are also seeing a growing trend for properties with outside space which many buyers say is as a result of re-evaluating their lives and priorities after the lockdowns.
“What is interesting to note is walk in wardrobes seem to have taken a back seat in terms of desirability. This may be as a result of people wanting to streamline their lives, which includes the number of possessions they have, or it may be as a result of people wanting to maximise the use of the space they have within the home.
“However, whatever is on a buyer’s wish list, we at Sheldon Bosley Knight are well placed to find the right home so pop into one of our offices and see how we can help you.”