Space to work, rest and play

The effects of Covid have been many and varied, not least in terms of our health and well-being.
But it has also impacted us in terms of how and where we work.
During the first lockdown the vast majority  of us were ordered to work from home. For some this was no issue at all either because they were doing so already or because their homes were big enough to accommodate an area in which they could call their office.
But for others it presented a problem – lack of space. This was compounded by the fact those who had children, suddenly found their homes crowded with extra bodies during the day as a result of home schooling.
So it’s little surprise then that now, despite hopefully, the worst of the pandemic being behind us, attitudes to how and where we work have changed.
With many of us choosing to, or being allowed to work from home, at least some of the time, requirements for those looking to move are changing.
Although kitchen-diners are still popular, the key factor now is getting more space. And whether it’s inside or outside, the trends emerging indicate strongly that gardens and an area in the house for people to convert to an office or study, are at the top of the “must haves” list.
To support this, recent studies have shown that semi-detached properties rather than terraced houses are becoming more popular given their increased square footage, especially when it comes to landlords looking to invest or add to their portfolio.
Homes with two or more bedrooms are also becoming more sought after or those which have potential to extend either upwards or outwards. Those with garages also offer the potential for conversion to extra living space.
And now that the big commute is a thing of the past for many, homes by the seaside or in the country feature strongly on peoples’ lists, in their efforts to achieve a healthy work life balance.
All this of course comes with added costs – whether an increase in utility bills or the price of the property itself – but for now at least, this doesn’t appear to be putting buyers or investors off.
So if you are looking for a home with more space contact one of our offices today and see how we can help you.