Getting your home ready for Christmas

With Christmas less than a month away, now is a good time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the festive season. 

Whether you are having the whole family round on the big day – or for a few days – or just having a quiet one, it pays to plan ahead and think about how you want your home to look and feel. 

This year many of us will be tempted to pull out all the stops given the lean affair we all endured in 2020 thanks to Covid. 

So, what should you be prioritising to make sure you have a merry rather than miserable yuletide? 

Sheldon Bosley Knight Head of  Residential Sales James Morton, says the three Cs – cosy, comfortable and clean – are key. 

He says: “Whatever your budget and whatever the size of your house or flat, making sure it’s clean, comfortable, and cosy for you and your guests is the most important thing. 

“There’s nothing worse than turning up to someone’s house and finding washing all over the place, dirty dishes in the sink, dirt and dust everywhere, an overflowing bin and dog hair all over the sofa.” 

He recommends starting by doing a thorough tidy-up. Get rid of the rubbish, put the recycling out, dig out the duster and give the hoover a good exercise. Prioritise the kitchen as this is likely to be where most of the action is. It needs to be as clean as a whistle – this includes making sure the fridge is hygienically spotless with no mouldy or rotten food in it (you don’t want a dose of food poisoning to ruin the festivities), clean the oven and work surfaces and ensure there is space in the fridge and freezer for all the extra food. 

Once the kitchen is sorted move on to the sitting room. Plump the cushions, pop a throw on an armchair or sofa for a luxurious feel, add a few candles and brighten up the room with some fresh flowers.  

Then to any other rooms you know will be visited by your guests. This includes cloakrooms and bathrooms. It’s essential these are also clean, tidy and smell nice and fresh so add a diffuser or two if you know they are going to be used a lot. 

As for decorations, whether you are the less is more camp or you like to deck the halls with anything and everything, check your baubles to make sure they are all intact and the lights to make sure they all work. Check the wiring too to make sure you don’t get an unexpected and unwanted electric shock! 

And for those who feel they lack inspiration or who want a different look and feel this year, or who just want a brand-new set of decorations, check out Pinterest, visit your local garden centre or gift shop for ideas and the latest in fashionable decorations, not to mention the piece de resistance – the all-important tree. 

Finally make a list of all the food and drink you will need, not just for Christmas Day itself but also enough for a day or so afterwards, just in case you can’t get to the shops. And always have a box of chocolates, a few mince pies and some sherry in case any unexpected guests come a-calling. 

Whatever you do though, try not to panic! Sadly, it’ll be over before you know it, so sit back, put your feet up, relax and make the most of spending time with your nearest and dearest. Happy Christmas! Cheers!