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Introducing our new property blog series

Cotswold house and garden

Last month, Sheldon Bosley Knight merged with Timothy Lea & Griffiths in Evesham, to create the fifth office. It has proved to be a very good match, as both companies had a similar ethos when dealing with property, and more importantly people. The result of the merge is that we are creating a commercial surveying department which has a very wide and deep knowledge of both commercial and residential property.

One of the results of this, is that surveyors based in the department have offered to write a series of articles which will cover property related matters. The choice of topic will be random, and hopefully of interest, both to residential property owners, and business people who occupy property during their normal course of business.

Cotswold house and gardenWe are an island race, historically we have been very proud of our houses, an Englishman’s home is his castle. For most people, purchase of a house is the largest investment they are likely to make, so it is understandable a lot of time and money is spent looking after the property. The coming articles will cover a wide range of subjects, to hopefully help you look after your property.

We are also proactive. If you have a problem you would like information on, please contact one of our offices, and we will see what information we have on a particular subject. The articles will be published on our web site, so this can act as a point of reference. And while you are looking, you never know, you might find the property of your dreams? You might need a survey or valuation? We can offer these services. For a quote, please call 01386 765700 or 01789 292310 and speak to our friendly team.

In the meantime, look out for the first article on climbing plants growing close to your house. Given that we have now reached autumn, it seems appropriate for the winter maintenance to start. Sign up to receive notification as soon as a new blog is published – simply enter your email address in the ‘follow blog by email‘ section at the bottom of this page.