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Horticultural Surveying Update

Horticultural production - glasshouse nursery

Sheldon Bosley Knight horticultural team have recently been very active in Horticultural surveying. Over the last couple of years we have sold glasshouse nurseries in Corston, Wiltshire, Harvington near Evesham and Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

The team has also been preparing valuations for nurseries across the County.  Anthony Rowland has a combination of skills, being a fully qualified RICS Registered Valuer and a qualified and experienced Horticulturalist, having operated glasshouse nurseries involved with Hydroponic tomato production, nursery stock and bedding plant production, and micropropagation of roses.  He commented:

“It is a fascinating industry to be involved with, frighteningly complicated and extremely diverse. One minute, you are looking at a small nursery involved with plant production, the next minute you are looking at a complex modern nursery costing many millions of pounds to build.”

One of the nurseries looked at was featured on The One Show on the BBC. This involved a state of the art production facility extending to 14 acres of glasshouse under one roof. The gutters were 7m off ground level, and it was almost a completely sealed environment, all designed to maximise the production of tomatoes all year round.

The other expanding area is vertical farming, where growers are producing salads on towers, to maximise production of edible crop per square metre of production area. All the time, the growers are looking for further efficiencies to drive the cost of food production down, whilst at the same time producing some of the best quality food you will ever find. What is even better, is that this production is all happening within 30 miles of Evesham.

Commercial Nursery grower

The next big area of expansion will be production of plants for medicinal purposes. Genetic engineering, genome manipulation, and mass production of plants using tissue culture production will lead to a massive change in the medium term in the way we produce pharmaceutical drugs. This will still be regarded as horticultural production, it will be based in glasshouses, and at some stage these will need to be valued for balance sheet purposes. That is where we come onto the scene as valuers.

As specialist surveyors in this sector of the profession, we are able to advise on all aspects of tenure, valuation, and agency. As Registered RICS valuers, we are able to provide valuations for secure lending purposes and can handle the sale of nurseries across the country, particularly in the midlands.

For a free initial consultation, please call Tony Rowland on 01386 765700 or email