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Is Your Property Adequately Insured?

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This month we’ve had no sign of a ‘flaming June’ but more ‘raining June’ as many parts of the UK have suffered extensive rainfall and unseasonably low temperatures. The weather has served as a timely reminder of the importance of reviewing your insurance policy to ensure it includes the necessary assets and provides sufficient cover.

Many people simply pay their renewal year after year and do not think about the consequences of being under insured.

It is important to have your residential, commercial and agricultural property valued regularly to ensure that should the worst happen, you have sufficient cover for the value of your assets. An insurance valuation is the inspection and assessment of a building in order to calculate the re-instatement cost, i.e. how much it would cost to rebuild the building. Each building is different and it is important to assess factors such as size, construction, age, floor to ceiling height, location and access.

      Matthew Payne

If your home has been extended or extensively refurbished, is Listed, or constructed in materials other than brick, then it is likely that the buildings insurance valuation is too low; extensive outbuildings, walls and hard landscaping are often forgotten.

At Sheldon Bosley Knight we have the expertise to provide accurate buildings insurance valuations that eliminate this risk so that your buildings are fully insured.

If you require further information or advice then please contact Matthew Payne MRICS on 01386 444900.