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Planning Success – Inspectorate Approval of an Appeal Against Refusal

Approved Elevation - planning consent Sheldon Bosley Knight

On the 15th of August 2019 the Planning & Architecture Department at Sheldon Bosley Knight received Planning Inspectorate approval of an appeal against Stratford on Avon District Council’s refusal of a Householder Application.

The application for rear single storey and side pitched roof extensions to a dwelling in the Conservation Area was initially refused by the Stratford Planning Committee against the recommendations of two Case Officers and the Conservation Officer on reasons of overbearing and visual impacts on the neighbouring listed dwelling.

Although the committee accepted that the single storey extension and other minor alterations were acceptable, members disagreed on the impact of the pitched roof extension and refused the proposed scheme in its entirety.

In our Appeal Representations we were able to convincingly argue that the proposed pitch roof addition to the existing side extension would not result in a greater overbearing impact in terms of overshadowing and loss of light than the existing protrusion.

Supported by the Case Officer and Conservation Officer reports and recommendations that the character and appearance of the proposed development would preserve and enhance the Conservation Area, we maintained that the pitched roof extension would not compromise the amenity of the neighbours.

Sectional drawings of the existing and proposed elevations were produced to reinforce our claim.

The Inspector concluded that the pitched roof extension would not adversely impact the amenity of the neighbouring property and the proposed alterations and additions would not appear overly dominant or intrusive and allowed the appeal.

The Town Planner for this case was Natasha Blackmore da Silva and the Architectural Technician was Nadia Amietszajew.

Town Planner - Natasha Blackmore da Silva and Architectural Technician - Nadia Amietszajew.

If you have property that you would like to extend and would like to explore the options available, please contact the Planning and Architecture Team on 01789 292310 or visit the Planning and Architectural pages of our website.


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Planning Success Following a Re-Think of the Scheme

Stratford Garage Scheme June 2019

Stratford Garage Scheme June 2019On June 25th 2019 the Planning & Architecture Department at Sheldon Bosley Knight received planning consent for the erection of 4 dwellings on a site of former garages in Stratford upon Avon.

The site had recently been featured in the Stratford Herald after local residents raised concerns that the dilapidated garages, which were boarded up and covered in graffiti, were becoming a hub for antisocial behaviour and drug taking and that the Council, by refusing a previous application to redevelop the site in 2017, were obstructing progress and exacerbating this issue.

Sheldon Bosley Knight were tasked with preparing a revised scheme in response to the similar 2017 application for 5 units on the site. The new scheme included 4 units; three 3-bedroom and one 2-bedroom, which were a mixture of semi-detached and detached properties.

Previously the Council had been concerned that adequate garden space could not be achieved for each of the proposed dwellings. We re-designed the layout of the scheme to give each proposed dwelling a garden area well in excess of the Council’s guidelines thereby removing the only reason for refusal.

Working closely with Stratford on Avon District Council we created a scheme that was policy compliant and made the best use of the site. There were no objections to the scheme and it was approved under Delegated Powers.

For more information about the Sheldon Bosley Knight Planning Department please contact the team on 01789 387887 or visit the Planning and Architectural pages of our website.

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Agricultural Land for Planning

Danield Jackson, Town Planner, Sheldon Bosley

As part of my role as a Town Planner, I am often asked to look at land on behalf of our agricultural clients to assess the short and longer term planning prospects of the land for residential development.

I was talking to a colleague recently about crop prices and we calculated that in order to make as much money from selling corn as a housing scheme, could take as long as 250,000 years! Suffice to say that obtaining planning consent can be a very valuable enterprise and simply obtaining that piece of paper can dramatically improve the value of a piece of land.

So, why now?  You’ll have seen in the national press, different initiatives being proposed all the time and just driving around you can see new developments popping up all over the place. It is clear the government are keen to use housebuilding as a mechanism with which to stimulate wider growth in the UK economy and provide more homes, particularly to first time buyers. In the absence of an adopted local Plan and 5 year housing land supply, Councils should not refuse applications for new residential development unless “clear and demonstrable harm will be caused as a result.”

Locally, Warwick and Stratford Districts are working very hard to produce a government approved Plan. However, in addition to their own requirements, they also need to account for some of the overspill from Coventry and Birmingham who are unable to find enough housing land within their own boundaries. As such, there is an opportunity now, which hasn’t existed previously, and may not last very long, to win planning consents which would ordinarily be refused.

So, what type of land is suitable?  As part of the national push for building, the buzz word that is often used in planning circles is ‘sustainability’ and avoiding the need, where possible, for people to rely on their cars in order to access local services.  Therefore, land on the edges of towns and villages with access to things like a shop, school, pub and other wider public transport links are the preferred locations for large scale new development.

Here at Sheldon Bosley we currently have over 60 sites on various development agreements on behalf of our clients. So, if you have any land you think has development potential, please come in and speak to us and we will be delighted to talk you through the process and advise on how to unlock the value.

Remember, you can only sell your land once and they’re not making any more of it so it is important to agree the right deal at the right time!

Daniel Jackson is Associate Partner and Town Planner based in our Stratford-upon-Avon office. He can be contacted on 01789 292310 or email him on