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Christmas Approaches

christmas wreath

christmas wreathYet again I cannot quite believe how quickly Christmas approaches, it only seems yesterday that I was struggling to write 2018 on the cheques, and now I am looking at welcoming in 2019. Where did the year go? For me Christmas is a time for quiet reflection, a celebration of life, and a time to remember loved ones who are no longer here. This past year has been especially poignant because on the 1st August 2018, Sheldon Bosley Knight merged with Timothy Lea & Griffiths Estate Agents Limited, a move which has worked particularly well for all involved, including our customers.

For many youngsters, Christmas is a time of great anticipation, will Santa Claus bring all the presents requested? How does Santa get the presents down the chimney? If there isn’t a chimney, how does he make the delivery? Does he really drink all the glasses of refreshment left out for him and do the reindeer eat all the carrots left out for them? There is still a quintessential charm relating to the story of Santa Claus, a certain magical mystery that even grownups still believe, hoping that they get the present they really want from their loved ones. I still wonder on Christmas night what is happening in the Heavens.

child at christmasWe must always remember that a lot of people have to work over the festive period, whether it be power generation, utility supplies, entertainment, health workers, police and the armed forces. For them it is business as normal. I always find it comforting to think that there are still people looking after us, allowing us the trappings of modern life to continue without disruption. The churches are also open for business, allowing worshippers to celebrate the nativity whilst enjoying company and friendship with the rest of the parish. Singing Christmas Carols is always fun, generating provocative memories of happy times.

In property terms, December is probably the quietest part of the year. The construction industry closes down for a fortnight, to take a well-earned break. The most active part of the industry will be DIY enthusiasts, who take the opportunity to complete tasks at home, relying on the big DIY sheds to supply all the requisite components needed to complete the task. Please take care while doing these jobs, make sure you are working well within your competency levels, and be safe while you are doing it. The classic problems are dust in the eye, breathing dust because you don’t have a proper face mask on and lifting loads which are far too heavy. With proper planning, these problems are easily avoided.

DIYMany people go away for the festive period. At the moment, the weather is benign, temperatures are un-seasonally high, and we are starting to receive our share of the winter rain. The weather can change quickly at this time of the year. If you are leaving your house for a few days, keep the central heating system running, but lower the temperature. If you are leaving for a longer period, then it might be better to consider draining down the water systems, pour salt into the WC’s so that if there is a prolonged period of cold the house will not be damaged by burst water pipes. There is no worse homecoming, to find water pouring out from under the front door, and inside the ceilings collapsed under a deluge of water.

Thank you for reading my articles, I hope you have found them an interesting read. On behalf of both Sheldon Bosley Knight and Timothy Lea & Griffiths Estate Agents Limited, may I take the opportunity to wish you all a happy Christmas, and a peaceful prosperous new year.

Tony Rowland SBK TLGTony Rowland BSc(Hons) MSc MRICS