Before Building work begins

To Tender or not to Tender

When a project has obtained Planning Permission and also Building Regulation Approval, you may immediately seek a builder to start on site as soon as possible in order to get your proposed development under way. However, as the builder has no specification to work from which details the exact fittings and elements that require work, and also the fact that he is not under any competition to price competitively, his fee will usually be inflated at first and continue to escalate once the full scope of the project is apparent.

Get the best price by way of Tender

Situations such as this can be avoided through the means of a tendering process. Sheldon Bosley can Plansprepare a full specification for a project which clearly sets out all elements of work involved and the exact materials and fittings that are required from which a contractor can provide an accurate quotation. We can also send the specification and tender drawings to a number of competent contractors who we trust and have had previous experience with, in order to obtain three or four quotations along with their estimated start date so that the most suitable contractor can be selected.

The process of tendering would first begin with a meeting where we discuss the project at length and the different materials you would like as well as the fittings and fixtures that would be contained within the project. Not everything has to be finalised at this stage as large items such as kitchens we can include as a provisional cost, which can be substituted for the actual cost later on in the project when the actual kitchen is selected. Once you have agreed the finer details of the project, a written specification is prepared along with co-ordinating drawings and sent to the competent contractors thus issuing them with an invitation to tender for the project. We would allow a contractor four weeks typically on a domestic project to provide a quotation, but we would always analyse the size of the project to determine the time allocated for the contractor to tender. Once we have received all of the quotations from all of the contractors we would discuss these tender figures with you and help you to select the most suitable contractor. We would then write to all of the contractors informing them whether or not they have been successful.Pre contract Meeting

Once it has been agreed and the contractor has been informed that he has been successful, it is then common to undertake a Pre-Contract Meeting in preparation for the next stage of the project, which will be to prepare construction contracts in order to begin works on the site shortly thereafter.

Although tendering may seem like an unnecessary expense which adds further delays to a project, in one recent project when Sheldon Bosley tendered out to three competent contractors, the quotations Sheldon Bosley obtained were £30,000 lower than the quotation the client obtained independently, thus showcasing the savings that can be made.

If you feel your project could benefit from saving money by undertaking a tender process, then please do not hesitate to contact Sheldon Bosley who can discuss the ins and outs of the project with you.