Traditional House Building vs Modular Homes

house buildingThe Government are looking for alternatives to traditional house building.  The aim is to meet rising housing needs at lower cost of construction.

One of the alternatives is for factory built ready-made homes in kit form.  It is intended that these houses will be sustainable, efficiently built, and by being more affordable will provide a possible route for the first time buyer.  The modular housing might be expected to be combined to create a number of forms, from standalone homes to terraces and even blocks of flats.

The last time that this was tried was after the Second World War as a stop gap and were of low quality temporary use.  The existing modular homes, such as provided by Huf Haus, are of bespoke type, not yet the sort intended by the scheme.

The Government is expecting modular homes to provide over a 100,000 ready-made units to meet its targets, however it is unlikely that these will completely replace the traditional brick and tiled houses that we have been so used to for many years.  Furthermore it is unlikely that the Government’s target of building 1 million new homes by 2020 can be reached.