Utility Schemes and Compensation

power line in farmers field


Farmers and landowners who are affected by a utility scheme are entitled to make a claim for compensation.

However, it is important to get an Agent involved as early as possible so that all elements of the claim and any accommodation works can be covered.


Here are SBK’s top tips for a successful claim:

  • Engage a Land Agent as soon as you have been contacted by the Utility Contractor or their Agent to meet on-site before the scheme commences. The route and location, any accommodation works and timescales can be discussed and negotiated;
  • Landowner must keep a specific diary of all meetings with the Contractors and the Agents to ensure that this can be accurately added to the claim;
  • Consider the importance of accommodation works, such as supplying water troughs, providing access to severed fields and alternative grazing so that you are not disadvantaged by the works;
  • Remember, the Utility Company will pay for the professional fees incurred, therefore the Landowner does not need to worry that he will be out of pocket by appointing an Agent.

Utility works covered include gas, water and electric, but the legislation for each is different and the Land Agent will be able to advise accordingly, depending on the type of claim involved.

A wayleave or easement payment will also be due to the landowner for any new schemes.

For more information please contact a member of our Rural Department to discuss.