Winter Protection for Your Property

frozen pipesAs we head towards the Christmas season many people will be planning to visit friends and family over the holidays, which is often the coldest part of the year.

When leaving your home vacant during this time, remember to protect the property by taking steps to prevent any adverse effects of the cold weather, such as:

–  leave the central heating on a constant low temperature setting or to come on at the coldest times of the day (around midnight and just prior to dawn)

–  locate and turn off the stop tap to the water supply to the property

–  lag any exposed or vulnerable pipes and taps

–  keep the cupboard door under the sink open to allow warm air move around the pipes and leave room doors slightly open to allow the warm air to move around the house

– in the case of severe weather ask a neighbour to check your property periodically whilst you are away so that any problems can be detected as early as possible.