We Love Winchcombe

We love everything about Winchcombe! Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds, Winchcombe is charm personified. A gorgeous market town of early medieval origin that certainly deserves its status as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  

It started out as a Roman hamlet before rising to prominence as an Anglo Saxon walled town containing Winchcombe Abbey. Although the town wall has long since gone, Winchcombe still retains much of its medieval layout with a mix of timber framed buildings that sit alongside those made of Cotswold limestone. Its name means “valley with a bend”. 

It has a fascinating history that includes the Belas Knap Neolithic long barrow on Cleeve Hill above the town which dates from about 3000BC. A motte and bailey castle was built in the 12th century for Empress Matilda but its exact site is unknown. 

During the 1600s, the town was noted for cattle rustling and other lawlessness attributed in part to poverty. Locals sought a living growing tobacco as a cash crop but this practice was banned by 1619. 

Last year part of the Winchcombe meteorite which originated from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter fell on a house driveway. It was found to be a rare carbonaceous chondrite which scientists said was from the beginnings of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago! 

There are plenty of other reasons to fall in love with Winchcombe, not least the fabulous Grade 2 listed Sudeley Castle and its beautiful gardens. It has a fascinating history spanning more than 1,000 years and King Henry VIII’s wife Queen Katherine Parr is entombed there. 

Other attractions include visiting the steam valley railway and getting out and about to enjoy the fabulous countryside right on the doorstep. 

The town also features a diverse and thriving selection of shops and businesses, many of which are independent such as cafes, beauty salons and restaurants. 

And with its stunning location, great sense of community and variety of architectural styles it’s little wonder Winchcombe is one of the most desirable places to live in the Cotswolds. 

We think once you arrive, you will fall in love with Winchcombe so much you won’t want to leave!