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Our History

1843 – William Bull, landlord of The George Inn on the High Street in Shipston-on-Stour begins operating as an auctioneer and agent; later, his son, John Heath William Bull joins and expands the practice into land management

1873 – William Bull dies

1889 – John Heath William Bull dies and Frank Sammon Parsons carries on the business, continuing the tradition of providing board and lodging for his employees. John Frederik Bosley is one of the employees, and lives with Frank and his sister until 1901

1901 – John  Frederik Bosley marries Agnes Sheldon, daughter of Edward Sheldon, a local wine merchant

1904 – Agnes Sheldon gives birth to their son, Bertram Sheldon Bosley

1918 – Frank Sammons Parson retires, and not long after dies, leaving the business to be shared between John Frederik Bosley and his colleague, Henry Harper, now Bosley & Harper

1936 – John Bosley dies, by which time Bertram Sheldon Bosley has joined the firm, but it’s not long before he has set up his own firm in Shipston-on-Stour, offering the same services his father had before him.

Sheldon Bosley begins to rapidly expand his business, investing in his father-in-law’s business, Shipston Engineering Ltd, amongst other business partnerships. Bosley & Harper is however absorbed by Bigwoods of Birmingham

1907 – A business parallel to Sheldon Bosley, Kibler Morgan in Stratford-upon-Avon that is established as an estate agency for commercial and residential property by Ralph Kibler Morgan

1957 – Ralph passes away leaving the business to his son, John Morgan

1976 – Bertram Sheldon Bosley tragically dies in a car accident and not long after John Morgan dies of cancer. Bob Sandland at the time is managing Sheldon Bosley’s Shipston business, and as a friend of John Morgan, is asked to take on the Kibler Morgan business prior to his death.

The Stratford office known as Sheldon Bosley & Partners & Kibler Morgan & Son, later simplified to Sheldon Bosley & Partners

Through the management of large estates, Sheldon Bosley and company were able to identify opportunities for residential and commercial conversions which required new skills in addition to their traditional knowledge.

1980s – Primarily a rural land agency, many clients were and remain, famers and landowners which from the 1980s, was identified as suitable for housing development. This required specific expertise in planning, architecture, and the selling of new properties. The expansion of a planning department spawned further arms into strategic land development born out of estates and owners having assets with potential for more use and benefit.

1991 – Timothy Lea estate agency is established in Evesham

1999 – Timothy Lea merges with Arthur Griffith & Mumford to become Timothy Lea & Griffiths

2004 – Knight & Rennie estate agency is established in Leamington Spa, later opening a second branch in Kenilworth

2009 – Longlease Property management is founded in Great Malvern, Worcestershire

2015 – Timothy Lea & Griffiths acquires Longlease Property Management

2016 – Sheldon Bosley Ltd acquires Knight & Rennie, becoming Sheldon Bosley Knight Ltd.

2018 – Sheldon Bosley Knight Ltd acquires Timothy le & Griffiths, including Longlease Property Management.

2019 – Sheldon Bosley Knight Ltd acquires Bishop’s Estate Agents in Kineton. A new head office was built at Stratford Business and Technology Park with the majority of staff relocated to work under one roof, and estate agency branches maintained in local towns

2020 – Timothy Lea & Griffiths rebrands to Sheldon Bosley Knight, a new branch in Pershore is acquired, and Mark Annett & Company in Chipping Campden joins the Sheldon Bosley Knight family

2021 – New premises acquired in Winchcombe, bringing the office locations total to nine.

2022 – Sheldon Bosley Knight acquires Hawkins Sales & Lettings in Nuneaton and Bedworth, James Sellick’s Lettings in Leicester and Tim Cox & Associates Stratford lettings portfolio