Be the architect of your own career

A passion for architecture has led one A level student to find out at first hand about life in a busy planning and architecture department.

Katie Barlow approached Indujah Srikaran (pictured above) and Laura Ulyett from our team when they took part in a careers fair at Myton School in Warwick earlier in the spring.

Katie, currently in Year 12 at the school, wanted to find out more about career options in the subject and they invited her to spend a week in the office learning the ropes.

During her time in the office, Katie took the opportunity to find out more about the department, the work it does and learned how to use some of the specialist equipment.

This included an introduction in the RIBA Plan of Work and explaining how the architecture process works from initial client consultation all the way through to construction and in-use; an introduction into Class Q permitted development policies as well as Class MA; being shown the tools within AutoCAD and how 2D drawings are produced within this software – such as plans and elevation drawings; an explanation of the use of architectural scales and how drawings are put on to sheets with scale bars; producing sketches and looking at concept images of case studies; putting a contemporary house design into the AutoCAD software and finalising the designs; and using AutoCAD to draw up the survey into the AutoCAD software.

She also had the opportunity to go on a site visit to the team’s projects at the Walton Estate and meet a local authority building control officer on site to discuss the start of site works. A further site visit to a barn allowed her to measure up and undertake a survey using tape measure and laser distance measurer.

Katie said: “I have really enjoyed my work experience here. Not only was everyone so nice and welcoming, but it has allowed me to get an insight of an architect’s work and has inspired me to study architecture at university.”

Architect Indujah said: “Seeing the passion from Katie to enter the industry, learn about architecture, experience the day-to-day job, as well as learn about the education process to become an architect has been incredible.

“She is a very talented student and I hope she has found the week very rewarding. I look forward to seeing her develop in her future career and wish her all the best for the future!”

Sheldon Bosley Knight’s associate director, Natasha Blackmore da Silva said: “Katie has been a wonderful addition to the team and has shown enthusiasm, not only for architecture itself, but also for learning about its many links with town planning and other sectors.

“Her final project, a culmination of all she has learnt this week, shows her skill and attention to detail and I am sure the client would be very happy to see this as their future home.

“I wish her all the best moving forward with her career.”