Downsizing without compromise… Retirement living made easy

Many retirees wish they could downsize to a more manageable property. One that doesn’t involve having to do building maintenance or keep gardens in order or lawns mowed. Retirement housing is more popular than ever, and the choices available to those who wish to make the switch to retirement property are on the up. The reason why demand for retirement homes has grown over the last few years is obvious; a growing population and greater life expectancy. According to the Office of National Statistics, in 2018, a man aged 65 could expect to live for another 18.6 years, while a woman could expect to live for 21 more years. So, on average, at age 65, women still have a quarter of their lives left to live and men just over one fifth.

What to factor in when thinking of buying a retirement property

Location is important when buying any type of property, and retirements homes are no different.
Are you close to amenities or on the bus route to your local town? With all this extra time on your hands, filling it with adventures out to your local towns, gardens and pubs, will be much easier if you are just down the road.
Buying with a view. As a retiree, it’s also quite possible that you’ll be spending greater periods of time in your new property than you may have done in your old home. With no work to take up your time, it’s imperative to purchase a property you feel you’d be happy to while away the hours in. Therefore, things such as the view you have from your property and the proximity to busy roads and other potentially noisy things should be considered too.
Lastly, one of the most important aspects to consider is how close to friends and family your new home is. Whether you will being anticipating visitors to come to you or vice versa. You don’t want to make yourself isolated from the ones you love.

How do you trade a three or four bedroom home for a retirement apartment and still have room for your furniture and personal effects?
This may seem like an obvious consideration, but it is something you’ll need to think about as many retirement properties are very small. Although one of your primary reasons for moving may be to downsize, it is important to have enough room to feel comfortable in. Switching from a spacious property to a small one can be difficult for some, so bear this in mind when viewing retirement homes.

Regardless of the type of retirement property you go for, security should be taken care of by those in charge of the complex. Things to keep an eye out for are:

• Gated communities
• Telecom answering entry systems
• Around the clock wardens

Many retirees will have pets and of course would wish to take them. Ensure that this is a question you ask when viewing the properties. A lot of retirements homes will allow pets, however, some will have specific rules so just make sure you look into this beforehand.

There will be extra fees such as service charge that will cover items such as upkeep of the communal areas, grounds and gardens, external lighting, window cleaning, building insurance, staffing costs, on-site facilities, security, and any decorating required in shared areas. Make sure you find out what the service charge covers when out on your viewing.

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