Inspiring the next generation

Careers fairs at schools and colleges represent a fantastic opportunity to showcase what an organisation does and in turn inspire young people to think about careers they may not otherwise have done.
So, Sheldon Bosley Knight (SBK) was delighted to be invited to Myton School’s careers fair on Wednesday, March 8.

The event at the secondary school on Myton Road, Warwick, was open to all those students in Year 9 and above, and their parents and carers.
SBK’s head of auctions, Matt Burrows and marketing content writer, Kate Gould spent more than two hours chatting to the students, offering ideas and advice about future careers within the land and property sector.

Matt said: “Careers fairs are so important as they enable young people to see what an amazing array of options they have when they leave school.
“They are also an important place for businesses to support students in terms of taking their next steps, encouraging them and showing them what is possible.
“There are so many opportunities for them – they can either go straight into work when they leave school or college, look at doing a degree apprenticeship, or learn on the job and get their professional qualification that way.

“It was great to see so many of them, from all year groups, engaged and keen to see what we as a business, with so many departments and careers available, could offer them.”
If you are keen to see what we can offer you as a career please get in touch via or our socials.