Time to spring clean your kitchen

Spring is a great time to get to grips with a proper clean and de-clutter. However, it’s always best to stick to one room at a time and do a thorough job. Perhaps one of the most in-need rooms is the kitchen so here are our top tips to get your kitchen spick and span.

First things first, take everything out of the cupboards, off shelves, off the counters and out of the fridge. Give the whole place a good clean, including the oven and fridge.
Now that everything is out and on display you can go through it all and begin your de-clutter.

Bin it

Look through what’s on display and get rid of anything which is chipped, damaged or broken. The same goes for pans which have lost their non-stick element and any which have loose handles or broken lids. Any old, tatty or discoloured dishcloths and towels can be binned too. Be honest with yourself and only keep items which you know you will mend.

Under the sink

Open the door or doors to the area under the sink and you may face a wall of all-purpose sprays, disinfectants and other cleaning products. Take everything out and check to see if there are any empty bottles or containers which you can get rid of. Organise the space by grouping similar products together and storing them in a box or tray so they are easy to get to. Make a note of what you have so you don’t double up the next time you do a shop.

Don’t double up

It’s one thing to have enough pots, pans, mugs, cutlery and crockery for when guests come over but there can come a point when you have too much. With everything on the table it’s easy to see what you’ve got so you can work out how many of each item you realistically need. Do the same for items such as tin and bottle openers, chopping boards, baking trays, graters and tea towels. Cutlery drawers in particular are clutter magnets so empty them all and be ruthless by getting rid of anything you don’t need. Once you’ve divested yourself of any surplus items, invest in some dividers and organisers to help make it easier to grab what you need when you need it. Anything in good condition you don’t need or want can go to the charity shop.

Those must-have gadgets

We’ve all done it. Bought something such as an air fryer, juicer or blender, which seemed a good idea at the time but within a few weeks have been banished to the back of the cupboard through lack of use never to see the light of day again. If you aren’t using it as much as you thought you would, be honest with yourself and either donate it or sell it. It will free up more space and allow you to see what you’ve got.

Out of date food

Food which is out of date needs to go. The fridge can be the main culprit here but so too can those cupboards where packets and jars are stored, often half used and which can get lost. Inspect everything for sell by dates and best before dates and throw away or compost anything that is out of date or that smells off.

When you’ve gone through everything and weeded things out you don’t need, or which are broken or past their use by date, you will find there is much more space – and that will make it easier to see what you do have and find things more easily in future!