Climate Resilience

This year World Town Planning Day is focusing on resilience and how planning is key to enabling cities and communities to respond to the shocks and stresses of our time, creating place-based, integrated and inclusive solutions.

What is Climate Resilience?

‘Climate resilience’ refers to the ability of cities, as ecological, social, and economic systems, to resist, recover from, and continue to develop despite climate-related shocks.

Why is it important?

The concept of climate resilience is crucial to effective planning for climate change.

Climate change mitigation and resilience challenges are largely tied up with economic and social circumstances that must be taken into account when developing solutions to the challenges of climate change.

Why now?

Addressing the climate emergency has never been more urgent.

As global leaders gather for COP27 from 6 to 18 November, World Town Planning Day is a unique opportunity to gather momentum and highlight the critical contribution of the Global Planning Profession in building resilience and adapting to climate change for a better future for all.


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