Planning advice – it’s what we do

The planning process can be a minefield.
A myriad of policy documents, sub-committees, design guides and confusing acronyms make it all but impossible for those not familiar with the process to prepare and submit even the simplest of applications.
Fortunately help is at hand. At Sheldon Bosley Knight we have decades worth of experience in advising people how to navigate their way through all aspects of the planning process.
Our chartered town planners and architectural technicians advise landowners, businesses, charities and developers on all aspects of the planning system.
Thanks to our expert and intimate knowledge of all aspects of the planning process, we have successfully helped clients navigate their way through their applications, often liaising with the local planning authorities on their behalf.
Sheldon Bosley Knight director, Daniel Jackson, said: “The planning process can often be complex and difficult to navigate, even for those involved in the profession.
“We are happy to enjoy considerable experience and track record in obtaining difficult consents and, due to the volume of applications we submit, enjoy a positive working relationship with many local planning authorities and their officers.”