Curb Appeal: 5 ways to prepare for your marketing photos and viewings.

First impressions are everything. Follow these 5 simple steps to improve your curb appeal.

1. Front door

One of the first things people notice is the front door. Does it ‘pop’ or does it need a lick of paint? For a simple easy fix, go down to your local home improvements shop and purchase some paint. If you are feeling daring, try something a bit out there. If not, a black door is always the best way to keep your property looking clean and fresh.

2. Front Garden

Give your front garden, if you have one, a little spruce. Are your flowers dead? Are the bushes a bit bare? Are the hanging baskets hanging on to their last few petals? It doesn’t go unnoticed when your front garden is freshly weeded. You don’t want a messy front garden to take away from your home. Buy some new planters for your front door, do a bit of weeding and replenish your hanging baskets with flowers in season.

3. Windows

Do your windows have toddler’s fingerprints all over them or dog paws? It is so important to not only keep the inside of your windows clean but the exterior too. Get out the bucket and sponge if you are on a budget and get scrubbing but don’t forget those window frames. If you don’t fancy doing this yourself, there are plenty of great window cleaners out there.

4. Bins

Don’t neglect those stinky bins. Move the bins either around the side of the house or in a corner of your garden. No one likes to pull up to a house with smelly overflowing bins and recycling all over the floor just as you walk in. If you want to go the extra mile you could even hire a bin cleaner to give your bins a quick rinse out or purchase a wheely bin storage chest.

5. Driveways and Paths

Keep on top of your driveways and paths. Get a broom out and give them a good brush. Or better yet get a power wash on it and wash off the wear and tear. It’s an easy and simple uncostly job that only takes a few minutes of your time to do.