May Day – The Spring Housing Market

As we enter May, we are well and truly in the middle of Spring. The lambs are jumping in the fields and the tulips are blossoming. But more importantly for all you buyers out there, the housing market is booming. Spring has always been the perfect time to come to the market for a number of reasons.

Longer Days

Brighter and longer days make it easier for those house-hunting workers out there. It allows the seller to get more viewings booked for a day, and naturally a quicker sell.

End of the Tax Year

Usually, come April, the start of a new tax year, companies will have handed out their Christmas bonuses or better yet a pay rise. This pay rise may just be the one thing a potential buyer has been waiting for before purchasing a home.


Are you in a catchment area for good schools that are in high demand? Have your children flown the nest and you no longer need to live within the catchment area of that school? This will be the prime time for you to put your property on the market as there will be many parents out there looking for that perfect family home for their little ones to begin school.


If all of the above wasn’t reason enough for you to come to the market. Spring is a natural source of marketing. With a little bit of Spring cleaning, your home will look perfect with the Spring sun light beaming through the windows and blooming flowers in your garden. With very little work your home will look perfect in all your marketing images and viewings.

The end of Spring isn’t far away, so don’t leave it too late to put your property on the market and jump on the Spring bandwagon.