Why now is a good time to sell your home

Just £14 separated average asking prices for homes between January and February this year – the smallest ever increase from January to February.
Mortgage rates have been decreasing over the last few months and analysis from Rightmove suggests buyer demand is improving, despite rates remaining higher than pre-pandemic rates.
So, is now a good time to put your home on the market?
For some, listing their home comes down to practical or personal reasons but for some it’s a more tactical response.
Generally spring and autumn are two very popular seasons in which to list. In the spring, the weather has – hopefully – improved, the amount of daylight hours increases every day and allows more natural light into a home.
Spring is also a time when the plants in the garden get going and with flowers in full bloom it can entice buyers.
Autumn is another popular time of year to sell. Most of those who list at this time do so with a view to being in their new home by Christmas.
Daylight hours are still longer than those in winter, the garden can still look good and creating a warm, cosy feel to the property can be welcoming for buyers.
However, apart from August when many people go away for their summer holidays, and over the Christmas period, sales of property is a year-round exercise.
Sheldon Bosley Knight’s director of residential sales and marketing, James Morton, said: “Although the market has shown signs of volatility over the past few months in certain areas of the country, we have seen continued demand which is good news for sellers. Currently available buyers outstrip property available to purchase.
“Spring and autumn are seasonally the most popular times to sell. However, we maintain if a property is priced correctly and has the back up of a strong marketing plan tailored to the client’s needs, it will sell.
“If you are thinking of putting your home on the market, please speak to one of our agents and see how we can get you moving.”