Celebrating all women on International Women’s Day

This International Women’s Day we at Sheldon Bosley Knight are celebrating the amazing women in our business.
We are proud of our track record in recruiting and retaining women in what has traditionally been seen as a male dominated industry.
Our heads of finance, HR and lettings are all women. But we are also proud that in every department within the business, women make up a significant proportion of the workforce and often in senior roles.
But we know we can do more. We want to encourage more women into the sector and for them to see it as a great job to be in. It’s rewarding, exciting and fulfilling.
That’s why we have recently reached out to all secondary schools in the areas in which we have offices to be part of any careers events they are hosting. We want young women – as well as men – to see what great jobs are available and that they are more than capable of doing any one of them.
SBK’s Head of Lettings Carolyn Arnold said: “Women bring a multitude of qualities, capabilities and experience to industries such as this.
“They bring ideas, diversity, creativity and inclusion to the workplace, are great champions of other women and are inspiring to work with.
“Attitudes are changing but there is still a long way to go. Generally we need to see equality of opportunity and equal pay across the industry of course, and we need more women at CEO level.
“But the good news is that firms like SBK are championing women and all they bring to an organisation. We at SBK encourage training and career development and see it as healthy for women to succeed and be seen and encouraged to do so.
“What is really heartening is that we are seeing more women choosing careers in construction, engineering, property, planning and building so this is really good news.”