Paddleboarding fun in the sun

Sheldon Bosley Knight staff enjoyed a day out on the river this week courtesy of Bonkers Activities in Pershore.
Taking a break from the office, the team of 20 plus one dinosaur, donned their gym gear for a relaxing two hours on paddleboards.
Before being let loose on the water however, they were given the basics by the amazing, and exceedingly patient, instructors at Bonkers Activities.
Learning how to stand on the board, hold the paddle and use it were key requirements. Once the lesson was done, buoyancy aids were put on and it was on to the river.
Proving it’s harder than it looks, there were a few casualties during the session, but most managed to stand up, some attempted star jumps, created a snake of boards and a couple even managed a head stand on the board without falling in.
The weather was perfect, everyone had a great time and the two hours zipped by. Thanks go to the amazing team at Bonkers Activity for a really fun morning!