How to Prepare Your House for Sale

The property market has taken a big hit from COVID-19, especially now the UK is in the lock-down phase. While physical viewings are temporarily not possible, many people are in limbo waiting to buy or sell. The good news is, the demand that has built up over spring is likely to mean there will be huge demand for property later in summer. Time stuck in your house isn’t wasted though, as this is the perfect opportunity to undertake some home decor projects that will increase the value of your house and its appeal to buyers, when the time comes to sell. Although brick and mortar shops are closed, most online retailers are still trading so you can order everything you need. Here are our top tips to prepare for sale.


Spring is the perfect season to get your garden into shape and plant a few bulbs that will bloom in time for summer viewings. Many garden centres now have websites and offer delivery, with most offering huge discounts while they’re closed to visitors. Dahlias, lilies and begonias are well suited to being planted in April, while your lawn is due its first mow of the year. On sunnier days, you may want to give your fence a lick of paint and jet wash the patio.

Spring Cleaning

A spring clean is great for clearing your mind as well as sprucing up your property and is an easy activity to get the kids involved while they’re off school. Spend some time clearing out your cupboards to make the move easier and put aside unloved items to donate to your local charity shop when it reopens. Set the kids up with polishing and dusting while you scrub tired radiators and door frames. While you’re cleaning, try rearranging furniture to see if a particular layout makes the room appear bigger.


Use your time at home to tick off all the jobs you’ve been putting off. Freshen up faded paint and chipped stair banisters, fill in nail holes or cracks in the wall and fix any repairs that you can. If you have a particularly bold wall colour, it’s a good idea to repaint it in a more neutral shade that won’t distract buyers from the space. Decor wise, change up the look of a room by adding leafy house plants, neutral rugs and cushions to make the space more inviting. The entrance to the property is crucial for making a strong first impression, so focus your efforts there if your budget is small.


If you’re handy when it comes to D.I.Y, you may be able to undertake bigger projects by yourself. If not, spend this time planning ideas for renovation projects later in the year. A modern kitchen and bathroom are known to add value to homes and while they’re not essential, if yours are more than 15 years old they’ll probably benefit from refurbishment. Keep the style simple and efficient and avoid adding too much personality, buyers want to see a space they can easily make their own.