The Annual SBK Charity Quiz

SBK Annual Quiz 2017A rather unusual school event took place in the town last week, when Sheldon Bosley Knight hosted their ninth annual Quiz with a ‘Back to the Schoolroom’ theme. Desks were snapped up eagerly by local companies vying to win the coveted trophy, in support of Birmingham Children’s Hospital. This very worthwhile cause attracted the generous response we have come to expect from our friends and supporters, and the total sum raised by the event was a superb £2,244.

‘Headmistress’ and SBK Director Suzanne James had prepared a rigorous school timetable, following a syllabus which challenged the usual areas of general knowledge but also provided for those whose prowess lay on the sporting field (netball, with three attempts per team to score baskets). A ‘SATS’ paper completed under near-exam conditions was sufficient to strike fear into the hearts of even the hardiest Quizzers, several of whom bemoaned the fact that their children were not there to help them.

SBK Annual Quiz 2017‘Headmaster’ James Walton succeeded (against the odds, some might say) in maintaining a satisfactory level of discipline, although one or two unruly students had to be threatened with detention, and pupils were treated to a fine performance by peripatetic music teacher Dwyer Scullion, better known for his role in successful local band The Mojitos.

It was the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust team who finally carried off the trophy, also winning the Headmaster’s cautious approval for this improvement in their academic performance over the preceding year. They were ably assisted by ‘Senior Prefect’ Jackie Fletcher from SBK’s Lettings Department. Runners-up were the team from Kendall and Davies, supported by notorious teachers’ pet Frances Peach – the SBK Quiz ‘hostess with the mostest’ who has led her teams to victory in the previous two years.

SBK Annual Quiz 2017Third place went to H L Barnes, Accountants, under the very competent supervision of ‘Form Monitor’ Jo Righton from SBK’s Rural department at Shipston. Last year’s victors, the team representing Stratford’s Literary Festival, managed a commendable 4th place with encouragement from ‘Head Girl’ Sarah Graham from our Stratford office.

Despite their varying performances in the academic table, every team must be awarded an ‘A’ for effort; the enthusiasm and good humour with which all the participants entered into the fray made this a truly enjoyable evening. Our warmest thanks go to all those who contributed their time and money to ensure the success of our fundraising. Just as importantly, thank you all for supporting an event which demonstrates so clearly the positive community spirit we enjoy not just at Christmas, but all year round.

For lots more photos of the event please visit our SBK Facebook Page.