Well-Deserved Praise for Residential Lettings Team

Sue Maaz, Residential Lettings, Sheldon Bosley KnightWe are always delighted when we receive positive feedback from our customers and were especially pleased when we heard from one of our long standing landlord clients.

The Sheldon Bosley Knight office in Shipston have been acting as the managing agent for this client since 1997 when the site was originally purchased and a number of flats were marketed for rental.

Our client is a busy builder/developer and over the past 22 years Sue Maaz and her team have managed the properties, dealing with the various tenants, inbound and outbound, as well as periodic refurbishments.

Sue and her team always take pride in the service they provide and it was a pleasure to receive the following note from our client:

“As one of your landlords I have dealt with your Shipston Office since 1997 when we purchased the above site. 

Your staff have always given a good service, but over recent years it has got even better. Whenever I speak to one of the team I always express my appreciation for all they do. But I am writing this to let you know how very pleased we are.

Due to too many commitments elsewhere over the past few years, I have not been as involved as I would like to have been, as a result I just leave everything to the team to deal with, this is a great help to me – and they make the right decisions.

Recently I met with Sue Maaz at Flat 3. I understand that she has been the main coordinator of the refurbishment, which looks very crisp and bright and well thought out. I am very grateful, as I know being a builder/developer, that even a small refurbishment takes a lot of organising.”

For more information about the Sheldon Bosley Knight residential lettings and property management service please visit our Lettings page.